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Mari Iijima

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California, USA

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Mari Iijima is an accomplished singer and songwriter who has released numerous top 10 albums through Victor Entertainment Japan and Warner Music Japan. She wrote all of the music for her critically acclaimed debut album "Rosé" (1983), which was produced by renowned composer Ryuichi Sakamoto.

As she was getting ready for her debut album, Mari was chosen to play an animation character named Lynn Minmay who is a singing superstar in the story for a legendary Japanese animation series and film called "Macross" through an audition process, and it brought her to stardom very quickly in Japan. In 2006, she replied the role for the English version of the Macross TV series for ADV films, making her the first actor to voice the same character in both English and Japanese.

Throughout her career, Mari has worked with the music industry's greatest musicians including Alan Parson's Project, Toto, and members of the John Mayer Band. Her 2004 release, "Wonderful People" was a smash hit and stayed on the top of an Indie album chart for over 5 consecutive weeks. Mari has won several awards including the FM Osaka Best New Artist Award and the Japan Audio Society Golden Jubilee Award two years in a row, which is voted on by both Japanese & American judges. She was also nominated for the 2000 Los Angeles Music Awards Best Pop Artist Award for her first independently released album "No Limit". At the 2006 Just Plain Folks Music Awards, Mari won a Best Song Award for her song "Unspoken Love" from her album "Wonderful People".

In addition to singing and songwriting Mari has also appeared in film, television, and on radio in both Japan and the U.S. In 2004, Mari starred in the short feature film "Green Tea-r" and also wrote and performed the film's theme song, "Petal". "Green Tea-r" won the top honor of Grandprix at the Takazuka Film Festival in Japan, Silver Screen Award at US International Film & Video Festival, and was shown at the Berlin Film Festival.

In November 2006, Mari released her 20th studio album, "Uncompromising Innocence", which she wrote, arranged, and produced, with collaborative contributions from David LaBruyere (John Mayer Band), Michael Chaves (John Mayer Band, Low Millions), and the late Mick Karn (Japan, Dali's Car).

Mari has received proof of entry for the 50th Grammy Awards provided entries for 'Swim' a track on her 2006 album "Uncompromising Innocence". Her listed entries are for the "Best Female Pop Vocal Performance" category and the "Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s)" category. Mari released her latest & her 21st studio album "Echo" in Sep, 2010 and she is currently working on her forthcoming EP.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   FanimeCon 1999 - March 19-21 in San Jose, CA
   Project: A-Kon 1999 - June 4-6 in Dallas, TX
   Otakon 1999 - July 2-4 in Baltimore, MD
   Anime Expo 1999 - July 16-18 in Anaheim, CA
   Anime Weekend Atlanta 1999 - October 8-10 in Duluth, GA
   FanimeCon 2000 - February 24-27 in Santa Clara, CA
   Ani-Magic 2000 - October 6-8 in Lancaster, CA
   Nan Desu Kan 2000 - October 13-15 in Lakewood, CO
   FanimeCon 2001 - March 30 - April 1 in Santa Clara, CA
   Anime Weekend Atlanta 2001 - September 21-23 in College Park, GA cancelled appearance
   FanimeCon 2002 - April 26-28 in Santa Clara, CA
   Nan Desu Kan 2002 - September 20-22 in Denver, CO
   Anime Weekend Atlanta 2004 - September 24-26 in Atlanta, GA
   Anime Overdose 2005 - March 4-6 in San Francisco, CA cancelled appearance
   Japantown Anime Faire 2005 - December 17-18 in San Francisco, CA
   New York Comic Con 2006 - February 25-26 in New York, NY
   Anime Mid-Atlantic 2006 - June 16-18 in Richmond, VA
   Little Tokyo Anime Festival 2006 - August 12-13 in Los Angeles, CA
   Japantown Anime Faire 2006 - September 16-17 in San Francisco, CA
   Tekkoshocon 2007 - April 13-15 in Monroeville, PA
   FanimeCon 2007 - May 25-28 in San Jose, CA
   Ani-Magic 2007 - October 5-7 in Lancaster, CA
   Tekkoshocon 2008 - April 11-13 in Pittsburgh, PA
   Kawaii Kon 2008 - April 18-20 in Honolulu, HI
   Anime Central 2008 - May 16-18 in Rosemont, IL
   Tekkoshocon 2010 - April 8-11 in Pittsburgh, PA
   Anime Oasis 2010 - May 27-30 in Boise, ID
   MechaCon 2010 - July 16-18 in New Orleans, LA
   Sac-Anime 2010 - September 3-5 in Sacramento, CA
   Anime Boston 2011 - April 22-24 in Boston, MA
   Ohayocon 2012 - January 27-29 in Columbus, OH
   Macross World Convention 2013 - October 5 in Torrance, CA
   Anime Banzai 2013 - October 18-20 in Layton, UT cancelled appearance
   Taiyou Con 2014 - January 3-5 in Mesa, AZ
   Expo TNT 2014 - October 18-19 in Mexico City, DF, Mexico
   Macross World Convention 2015 - October 17 in Torrance, CA
   Macross World Convention 2016 - October 15 in Torrance, CA
   Animazement 2017 - May 26-28 in Raleigh, NC
   Anime Expo 2017 - July 1-4 in Los Angeles, CA
   Super Dimension Convention 2017 - October 28 in Torrance, CA
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