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Yad-Ming Mui

Yad Artworks / Angry Viking Press
Atlanta, GA USA

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Yad M Mui, formerly of Imbrium Studios has now gone freelance. Yad has worked on many projects in the past while with Imbrium as well as some intern work with the old Studio Ironcat. While with Imbrium he worked on the cult classic tittle Bad Moon as the inker and eventual tone/colorist. The tactical game Steel Rain was a combination of Yad's art skills and the writing of his good friend John Adams. Hardwired Fanboys was the next project these two worked on. During that time, he also interned at Studio Ironcat, cleaning pages and inking in sound effects. Recently he has been doing consulting work with conventions such as Anime Crossroads and Izumicon, creating their mascots. Yad also drew the illustrations for the Fantasy Games Unlimited's Villains and Vigilanties books Power of One and Centerville Incident.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Ohayocon 2003 - January 10-12 in Columbus, OH
   Ohayocon 2004 - January 23-25 in Columbus, OH
   Ikasucon 2004 - July 16-18 in Cincinnati, OH
   Ikasucon 2005 - July 15-17 in Cincinnati, OH
   Ikasucon 2006 - July 14-16 in Cincinnati, OH
   Middle Tennessee Anime Convention 2007 - April 13-15 in Franklin, TN
   Ikasucon 2007 - August 10-12 in Fort Wayne, IN
   Middle Tennessee Anime Convention 2010 - April 30 - May 2 in Nashville, TN
   Middle Tennessee Anime Convention 2012 - April 6-8 in Nashville, TN
   MomoCon 2016 - May 26-29 in Atlanta, GA
   Ohayocon 2017 - January 13-15 in Columbus, OH
11 guest appearances

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