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Shawnti Therrien

Myrr By Design
Connecticut, USA

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Shawnti is the loving creator of Am I Immortal, Meth with Atlas Unleashed, and many other dark tales. For more information about Shawnti, visit and embrace your darker side. Find out about Cain's beginnings in The Origin, Am I Immortal's full color online counterpart.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Bakuretsu Con 2002 - June 21-23 in Burlington, VT
   Bakuretsu Con 2003 - May 9-11 in South Burlington, VT
   ConnectiCon 2005 - July 15-17 in Hartford, CT
   ConnectiCon 2006 - July 7-9 in Hartford, CT
   CampAnime 2012 - September 7-9 in Woodstock Valley, CT

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