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Sean McGuinness

Web Comic Creator
Twisted Kaiju Theater
Columbia, SC USA

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Twisted Kaiju Theater went online August 11, 2000. Honoring, spoofing and lampooning Asian Cinematic Monsters such as Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Cloverfield, and the American Godzilla, it has become a
corner of the interwebs known for its vinyl flavor of infamy. The site is produced in Columbia, South Carolina. When you're ready to have your inner child be touched inappropriately,
Twisted Kaiju Theater will be waiting for you, armed with candy. You have been warned.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   I-Con 2006 - March 24-26 in Stony Brook, NY
   I-Con 2007 - March 23-25 in Stony Brook, NY
   NashiCon 2010 - April 17-18 in Columbia, SC
   NashiCon 2011 - March 19-20 in Columbia, SC
   NashiCon 2012 - March 31 - April 1 in Columbia, SC
   Banzaicon 2012 - October 12-14 in Columbia, SC
   NashiCon 2013 - April 13-14 in Columbia, SC
   NashiCon 2014 - April 19-20 in Columbia, SC
   NashiCon 2015 - April 17-19 in Columbia, SC

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