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David J. Fielding

Pittsburgh, PA USA

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David J. Fielding is an actor and writer currently residing in the city of Pittsburgh. He has a Bachelor's of Fine Arts and a Masters of Fine Arts, both in acting. Throughout his career he has worked in film, TV, radio, the stage and provided voice overs for video games. David is probably best known as the face and voice of Zordon from the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. David provided the voice for the first season, though his image continued to be the face of Zordon for many seasons.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Tekkoshocon 2012 - March 21-25 in Pittsburgh, PA
   Tekkoshocon 2013 - April 5-7 in Pittsburgh, PA
   Rhode Island Comic Con 2014 - November 1-2 in Providence, RI
   Pensacon 2015 - February 27 - March 1 in Pensacola, FL
   Lexington Comic & Toy Convention 2015 - March 13-15 in Lexington, KY

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    David J. Fielding

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