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Kawajiri Yoshiaki was born in November 18th, 1950 and grew up in Kanagawa prefecture. After working for Mushi Production, Kawajiri joined the newly founded animation studio Madhouse as an animator. As a layout artist he's worked on "Door to Summer" and "Haguregumo". Director Kawajiri is known for his hardboiled story and stylistic animation in works such as "Wicked City", "Demon City Shinjuku", and "CYBER CITY OEDO 808". Kawajiri created a blast in America with "Ninja Scroll". In more recent years he has directed "VAMPIRE HUNTER D: Bloodlust" and "HIGHLANDER: The Search for Vengeance". Currently Kawajiri is in development for his next project. While doing so he also works on "Chihayafuru" and the Marvel x Madhouse animation series "X-MEN" as a storyboard artist. Keep an eye out for Kawajiri's up coming work!



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Sakura-Con 2012 - April 6-8 in Seattle, WA

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    Kawajiri Yoshiaki

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