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Steven Moffat is a Scottish television writer and producer.

Moffat's first television work was the teen drama series Press Gang. His first sitcom, Joking Apart, was inspired by the breakdown of his first marriage; conversely, his later sitcom Coupling was based upon the development of his relationship with television producer Sue Vertue. In between the two relationship-centred shows, he wrote Chalk, a sitcom set in a comprehensive school inspired by his own experience as an English teacher.

A lifelong fan of Doctor Who, Moffat has written several episodes of the revived version and succeeded Russell T Davies as lead writer and executive producer when production of its fifth series began in 2009. He co-wrote The Adventures of Tintin for director Steven Spielberg, a project he left for his new senior role on Doctor Who. He co-created Sherlock, an adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes detective stories.

Many of the programmes upon which he has worked have won awards, including BAFTAs and Hugo Awards for some of his episodes of Doctor Who.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Gallifrey One 2006 - February 17-19 in Los Angeles, CA
   Gallifrey One 2007 - February 16-18 in Los Angeles, CA
   Gallifrey One 2008 - February 15-17 in Los Angeles, CA
   Doctor Who Official Convention 2012 - March 24-25 in Cardiff, UK
   Sherlocked 2015 - April 24-26 in London, UK
   MCM London Comic Con 2015 - October 23-25 in London, UK
   Doctor Who Festival 2015 - November 21-22 in Sydney, NSW, Australia
   Sherlocked 2016 - September 23-25 in London, UK
   New York Comic Con 2016 - October 6-9 in New York, NY
   Sherlocked 2017 - May 26-28 in Los Angeles, CA
   Sherlocked 2017 - October 27-29 in Birmingham, UK
   Gallifrey One 2018 - February 16-18 in Los Angeles, CA
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