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Pocky Princess Darcy

Salem, NH USA

See also: AC Paradise

Hi there all! *blows kisses* Thanks for visiting my cosplay page! To tell a bit about my interests: I'm a girl with weakness for sugary Japanese snacks,small doggies, bright/bold colors and cute things. Anime has been my love since 1994. I've been cosplaying since 1999, when I went to my first con. From there I got addicted to making costumes and getting in character. I also really love performing and especially love being in cosplay skits.
I cosplay for my passionate love of anime and to get people into the obscure things I am into.The way I see it, it's my way of advertising to the masses. I cosplay characters that fit my personality or who look like me from the series that I enjoy. I think that is a very important key to a great costume! Having fun while showing your love for some aspect of the fandom! I love what I do! Cosplay is what I eat, sleep and breathe. I intend to keep cosplaying for myself for many years to come because it's become a part of my identity and what makes me the happiest in life.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   UBCon 2012 - April 13-15 in Buffalo, NY
   Another Anime Convention 2012 - October 19-21 in Manchester, NH
   Fan World 2017 - July 21-23 in Niagara Falls, NY

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