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Nathan Hanks

Snake Handler

When Nathan Hanks ask if you want to see his snake, he means it literary!

Nathan has loved snakes his entire life and has owned Pythons for 15 years. While he has owned a variety of other large snakes such as Boa Constrictors, Anacondas and other breeds of Python, the Burmese Python breed will always grip a special place in his heart. Nathan believes that Pythons are one of the most misunderstood animals in the world and enjoys taking opportunities to help separate myth from fact. He does all this with the help of his two lovely ladies: Katie, a 7 year-old, 12 foot long Albino Burmese Python and Sophie, a 9 year-old, 10 foot regular Burmese Python. Of course it is rude to ask a lady her weight, but these gals clock in at about 50 pounds each!



Convention Guest Appearances:
   OkamiCon 2012 - May 19 in Mesquite, NV

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    Nathan Hanks

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