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Québec, Canada

The words "journalist" and "amateur video maker" describe best what Luduc is. This peculiar character is only getting some fame since August 2011. He is now known for his comedic vignettes about cosplay and the various conventions he happened to attend. For a year now, he has the places most sought by otaku, geeks and others, sharing in their passions. Be careful! You may very well be featured in his next video.

Luduc is also known for two other Web series, Les Graphistes and Lucboy.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Chibi G-Anime 2012 - July 7 in Gatineau, QC
   Cape & Kimono 2012 - November 3-4 in Québec, QC convention cancelled
   GeekFest Québec 2014 - July 5-6 in Quebec, QC
   Animara Con 2014 - December 6-7 in Sherbrooke, QC
   Nadeshicon 2015 - April 17-19 in Quebec City, QC
   G-Anime 2015 - July 18-19 in Gatineau, QC
   Animara Con 2015 - September 19-20 in Sherbrooke, QC
   Comiccon de Québec 2015 - October 17-18 in Québec, QC
   GeekFest Montréal 2015 - November 7-8 in Montreal, QC
   G-Anime 2016 - January 22-24 in Gatineau, QC
   Nadeshicon 2016 - April 1-3 in Quebec City, QC
   Congrès Boréal 2016 - May 20-22 in Mont-Laurier, QC
   Animara Con 2016 - September 17-18 in Sherbrooke, QC
   Comiccon de Québec 2016 - October 22-23 in Québec, QC
   GeekFest Montréal 2016 - November 5-6 in Montreal, QC
14 guest appearances

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