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Disc Jockey
Lexington, KY USA

See also: and Soundcloud

Curtis Ware (Solarbear) is a chiptune musician who uses solely old school video game hardware to make music. ALWAYS looking for shows and collaborations.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Kentokyo Mini-Con 2012 - August 25 in Lexington, KY
   Kentokyo Mini-Con 2013 - April 27 in Lexington, KY
   Kentokyocon 2013 - September 6-8 in Lexington, KY
   Chibi Kentokyo 2014 - April 26 in Lexington, KY
   Sukoshi Con: Louisville Anime Weekend 2014 - July 4-6 in Louisville, KY
   Kentokyocon 2017 - August 18-20 in Lexington, KY

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