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Vancouver, WA USA

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Hey yo i'm BangBangNeko, i'm just an average run of the mill nerd girl. Noooooo not one of those wanna be nerd girls. I'm a true nerd and have been since I was born. I love movies, comic books, video games, art, dances, cartoons, and anything really. I'm a open minded person and love to see/ experience new things in life. I make costumes as a hobby of mine ranging from anime, video games, comic books and cinema. Anyways have a look around it will be crazy and might not make sense but hey that's life and as I always like to say " I'm not a freak it's called being unique" Loves- BangBang



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Newcon PDX 2012 - December 29-30 in Portland, OR

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     BangBangNeko Cosplay

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