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Eloy Lasanta

Game Designer
Third Eye Games
Tampa, FL USA

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Eloy Lasanta is a game designer, writer, publisher, and gamer from Tampa, FL and owner of Third Eye Games ( With his innovative systems, DGS (Dynamic Gaming System) and Pip System, he has produced 4 game settings (so far): Apocalypse Prevention, inc., Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade, Part-Time Gods, and Mermaid Adventures. And if interested in game design yourself, check out Rolling 20s, Eloy's podcast hosted on his blog (, where he and other game designers talk about their unique game systems and go about it.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   MomoCon 2013 - March 8-10 in Atlanta, GA
   Dragon Con 2014 - August 29 - September 1 in Atlanta, GA
   Dragon Con 2015 - September 4-7 in Atlanta, GA
   Con on the Cob 2016 - November 10-13 in Richfield, OH

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