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Tyson Rinehart

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Tyson Rinehart: Voice Actor. Musician. Comedian. Amateur Historian. Superhero.

A relative new-comer to the Voice Acting community, Tyson has appeared as hacker extraordinaire "Itaru 'Daru' Hashida" in Steins;Gate. Other notable roles Tyson has played (and that have been announced) include "Byard" from Fairy Tail, "Nozomu Tamaki" in Dance in the Vampire Bund, "Bobby" in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and the Head-Irish-Thief-That-Throws-Dynamite in episode 10 of Black Butler. Tyson has played additional roles in such shows as: Baka and Test, Black Butler (I & II), Darker than Black, Deadman Wonderland, Hetalia, a guy getting his face stepped on in Sengoku Basara, and in Rosario + Vampire Tyson voiced a guy looking up the skirt of an anime resin statue.

As a Musician, Tyson provides rhythm guitar and vocals in the punk bands The Tommyguns, and Bullet Machine. He is a vocalist and harmonica player in Blues-Rock influenced Smokestack Lightning.

As a Comedian Tyson can be seen performing with the veteran improvisational troupe Ad-Libs, as well as writing, performing, and storyboarding various projects with PostHollywood. As an Amateur Historian, Tyson looks to the past for lessons, such as: Having listed Superhero along with his other credits, Tyson's secret identity is compromised.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Las Cruces Anime Days 2013 - January 26-27 in Las Cruces, NM
   Shuto Con 2013 - April 5-7 in Lansing, MI
   Anime North 2013 - May 24-26 in Toronto, ON
   AnimeIowa 2013 - July 26-28 in Coralville, IA
   Shuto Con 2014 - April 4-6 in Lansing, MI
   Anime Overload 2014 - August 8-10 in Austin, TX
   KuroKiiro Festival 2014 - August 29-31 in California, PA
   Youmacon 2014 - October 30 - November 2 in Detroit, MI
   Katsucon 2015 - February 13-15 in National Harbor, MD
   TexanCon 2015 - March 27-29 in Stephenville, TX
   A-Kon 2015 - June 5-7 in Dallas, TX
   AnimeNEXT 2015 - June 12-14 in Somerset, NJ
   KantaiCon 2015 - August 21-23 in Mount Pleasant, SC
   Izumicon 2015 - October 30 - November 1 in Oklahoma City, OK
   Ichibancon 2016 - December 31, 2015 - January 3, 2016 in Concord, NC
   Shuto Con 2016 - March 18-20 in Lansing, MI
   JAFAX 2016 - June 24-26 in Grand Rapids, MI
   ConnectiCon 2016 - July 7-10 in Hartford, CT
   Anime Austin 2016 - July 15-17 in Austin, TX
   Comicpalooza 2017 - May 12-14 in Houston, TX
   Otakon 2017 - August 11-13 in Washington, DC
   Youmacon 2017 - November 2-5 in Detroit, MI
   Shuto Con 2018 - March 23-25 in Lansing, MI
23 guest appearances

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