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Freedom to Express, Freedom to Create. We are Libera Edge Performing Arts!

Libera Edge is a Maryland-based performance group formed in July 2010. They perform popular dances (mostly para para and other dance crazes from Asia) as well as original choreography. In addition to dancing, Ashley, Mae, and Reiji also perform a variety of songs, ranging from Anime and Japanese pop to Broadway and Classical styles.

The group started as a quartet of friends --Reiji, Dani, Mae, and Ashley-- who met in college in 2008 and were united by a love of song and dance. Under the name "Sugar Crack Dance Troupe", they ran their first Dance Workshop ("Dance in Anime Culture") at Otakon 2010 just for fun. The workshop was a success, and it was then that they decided to dissolve Sugar Crack Dance Troup. They instead created the group Libera Edge and began recording both music and dance performances. Adding two new members, Hannah and Pants (who ironically were involved in another dance workshop at Otakon 2010), Libera Edge was complete and ready to take the world by storm!

Libera Edge is available for musical and/or dance performances, as well as their Asian dance/para para workshops.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Tigercon 2012 - December 8 in Towson, MD
   T-MODE 2013 - April 19-21 in Rockville, MD

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