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Robert Benedict "Ben" Browder is an American actor and writer, known for his roles as John Crichton in Farscape and Cameron Mitchell in Stargate SG-1.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Oz Comic-Con: Adelaide 2012 - March 31 - April 1 in Adelaide, SA, Australia
   Gallifrey One 2013 - February 15-17 in Los Angeles, CA
   Armageddon Expo Melbourne 2013 - October 19-20 in Melbourne, Australia
   Armageddon Expo Auckland 2013 - October 25-28 in Auckland, New Zealand
   Oz Comic-Con: Perth 2015 - April 11-12 in Perth, WA, Australia
   Oz Comic-Con: Adelaide 2015 - April 18-19 in Adelaide, SA, Australia

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    Ben Browder

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