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Deliberate Lies

California, USA

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Deliberate Lies is the industrial brainchild of Andrew "Rage" Jackson. He combines cutting-edge synths with a mockery of human instrumentation to reflect the discord of our modern, overly-processed life. While compared to a mixture of other artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Celldweller, and many more, the music of Deliberate Lies stands somewhere between all of these. In an effort to describe a sound just outside the realm of easy labels, its creator simply refers to his work as Cyberpunk.

Rage is known for his animated stage presence, theatrical attire, and blistering delivery of heat-pumped lyrics. Raw vocals struggle against mechanically perfect production, as Rage explores the psychological underbelly of a society which is quickly becoming high tech and low class.

Starting in 2007 as an experiment, Deliberate Lies evolved to encompass a wide variety of themes and genres. Drawing primarily on his background as a classically trained concert pianist, Rage furthered his musical reach by discovering a lust for harsh vocals and home-brewed production techniques. Throughout all his pursuits, he's kept a keen interest in pop music, because "a little sugar helps the arsenic go down."



Convention Guest Appearances:
   NipponCon 2013 - March 30 in Westminster, MD

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