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Shingo Adachi

Animator / Character Designer / Director


Shingo Adachi is an animator, character designer, and episodic director originally from Osaka. He began his career working with Xebec Studio. Adachi debuted as a character designer while working on Megaman EXE+ and as an animation director with Megaman EXE. Some of Adachi's recent works include Sword Art Online (Character Designer/ Chief Animation Director), WORKING!! (Character Designer/ Chief Animation Director) and Shooting Star Rockman (Character Designer/Animation Director).



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Otakon 2013 - August 9-11 in Baltimore, MD
   Sakura-Con 2014 - April 18-20 in Seattle, WA
   Animazement 2016 - May 27-29 in Raleigh, NC
   Madman Anime Festival 2016 - September 3-4 in Melbourne, VIC, Australia
   Madman Anime Festival Perth 2018 - March 3-4 in Perth, WA, Australia

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    Shingo Adachi

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