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Thomas Lamarre

McGill University
Montréal, QC Canada

Thomas Lamarre is a tenured professor of East Asian Studies and Communications at McGill University. He is the author of three books dealing with the history of media in Japan: Shadows on the Screen: Tanizaki Jun'ichirô on Cinema and Oriental Aesthetics (2005), Uncovering Heian Japan: An Archaeology of Sensation and Inscription (2000) and The Anime Machine : A Media Theory of Animation (2009). He is also the editor of several volumes such as Impacts of Modernities (with Kang Nae-hui, 2003), Against Preemptive War (with Tani Barlow, Yukiko Hanawa and Donald Lowe, 2004), and in Mechademia (with Christopher Bolton and Frenchy Lunning): Circuits of Desire (2007), The Limits of the Human (2008), War/Time (2009), Fanthropologies (2010), User Enhancement (2011), Lines of Sight (2012), and Tezuka's Manga Life (2013).



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Otakuthon 2013 - August 16-18 in Montréal, QC
   Otakuthon 2015 - August 7-9 in Montréal, QC

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    Thomas Lamarre

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