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Abracadabra Productions

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Cleveland, OH USA

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Abracadabra Productions is an anime, K-Pop, and J-Pop dance and cosplay cover group from the Cleveland area. The dance troupe has premiered at Colossalcon, Glass City Con, Ikasucon, Matsuricon, Kitsune Con and Shinbokucon. Bringing their dance routines to local conventions since 2011, their mission is to entertain the growing anime and K/J-music world and enrich today's convention scene.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Ikasucon 2013 - July 12-14 in Fort Wayne, IN
   NyanCon 2013 - October 5 in Kirtland, OH
   Shinboku Con 2014 - April 10-13 in Huron, OH
   Glass City Con 2014 - July 26-27 in Toledo, OH
   NyanCon 2014 - October 4 in Kirtland, OH
   NyanCon 2015 - October 3 in Kirtland, OH
   Glass City Con 2016 - July 16-17 in Toledo, OH
   NyanCon 2016 - October 8 in Kirtland, OH
   BlurrieCon 2016 - October 14-16 in Erie, PA
   Glass City Con 2017 - July 15-16 in Toledo, OH
   NyanCon 2017 - October 7 in Kirtland, OH
11 guest appearances

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