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Sarah Natochenny

Voice Actress
New York, NY USA

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Sarah Natochenny has been a voice actor for 10 years. She is best known for her role as Ash Ketchum on the TV series/movies, Pokémon. She is also the voice of Delia Ketchum, Buneary, Staravia, Chancey and many more. She has also lent her voice to companies such as Nickelodeon, McDonalds, Wendy's, Fisher Price, and Scope, which was awarded a Lion at the Cannes Film Festival. Aside from Pokémon, Sarah is making her feature film debut, starring as the voice of Boca in Bunta. As for video games, her work can be heard in Batman: The Dark Knight, Thor, Gangstar: Vegas, My Littlest Pet Shop, Dungeon Hunter 4, Bullet Witch, Dragon Hunter and more. Sarah also has an extensive acting resume and has been enjoying working as a film editor for the last three years. She would like to thank her family, friends and fans for all the support.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Youmacon 2013 - October 31 - November 3 in Detroit, MI
   Otakon 2016 - August 12-14 in Baltimore, MD
   Indiana Comic Con 2017 - April 14-16 in Indianapolis, IN
   BoroughCon 2017 - May 26-29 in Jamaica, NY
   Lock City Anime & Comic Convention 2017 - July 22 in Stamford, CT
   Tampa Bay Comic Con 2017 - July 28-30 in Tampa, FL
   San Francisco Comic Con 2017 - September 1-3 in San Francisco, CA

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