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A strange yet passionate young man, Frederick Dalpé entered the world of cosplay in 2008, better known under the alias of "Cristal Knight". He isn't part of those that work like mad and can produce more than a dozen of costumes per year, quite on the contrary; he works rather slowly and only makes one or two, sometimes three if he's lucky, on a yearly basis. His expertise in procrastination, as well as his obsession for perfection, are the true culprits. Especially known for his numerous duos on stage with Bloody Funeral, we may easily recognize him for his Ahito (Galactik Football) cosplay, or even is Dampierre (Soul Calibur) cosplay. He succeeded at attaining a Master level within a year by cosplaying Siegfried (Soul Calibur III) and because of his performance in perfect harmony with his cosplay partner. What he enjoys above all in this universe is to give life to characters that he adores and to succeed at portraying them as perfectly as possible.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   G-Anime 2014 - January 24-26 in Gatineau, QC

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    Frederick Dalpé

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