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Nancy Kepner

Singer / Songwriter

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At family reunions, Nancy Kepner's songs are never a hit. It is no doubt this familial rejection that pushes her to perform songs such as "The Fanservice Song," and "The Sexy Asian Song" in front of more receptive audiences at anime conventions all over the country.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Nancy Kepner writes comedic songs about Otaku and Geek culture. She got her start in 2011 when she performed "The Weeaboo Song" at KuroKiiro Festival. She now has two Albums: "Album for the Weeaboo," and "Fodder for the Fandoms" available on iTunes and Cdbaby. Her YouTube channel, HeartfeltHumor features some of her live performances as well as two music videos of "The Robot Song," and "The Rage Quit Song." So if watching Nancy eat a puppet, smash a cake with an axe, or dress in a giant home-made mecha costume sounds like fun, then you should stop by her little corner of the internet and check them out.

If you aren't related to her, you won't be disappointed.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Ryu-Kon 2014 - July 18-20 in Buffalo, NY
   KuroKiiro Festival 2014 - August 29-31 in California, PA
   Tekko 2015 - April 16-19 in Pittsburgh, PA
   Sangawa Project 2015 - December 4-6 in Pittsburgh, PA
   Tekko 2016 - April 7-10 in Pittsburgh, PA
   Anime Mini 2016 - June 11 in Greensburg, PA
   Sangawa Project 2016 - December 9-11 in Pittsburgh, PA

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