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Nancy Kepner

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Nancy Kepner loves to joke with her friends about the ridiculous things that happen in anime and the surrounding fandom. It's easy for her, because at heart she's just a huge fan who sets her love of all things anime to music. Armed with a guitar and clever song lyrics, Nancy Kepner has performed at numerous conventions original songs like "The Explaining Anime to Your Parents Song" and "They Found Out About my Yaoi". She currently has three albums full of these hilarious songs available for purchase on CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon. You can also find her all year round on her YouTube channel, HeartfeltHumor, delighting viewers with original guitar compositions, live performances, and the occasional music video. If there's something ridiculous that happens in the anime fandom Nancy has probably written a song about it. And if she hasn't, let her know! She loves suggestions! If it's weird enough, she may write the song you suggest the moment after you suggest it. Then you'll feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Wow!



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Ryu-Kon 2014 - July 18-20 in Buffalo, NY
   KuroKiiro Festival 2014 - August 29-31 in California, PA
   Tekko 2015 - April 16-19 in Pittsburgh, PA
   Sangawa Project 2015 - December 4-6 in Pittsburgh, PA
   Tekko 2016 - April 7-10 in Pittsburgh, PA
   Anime Mini 2016 - June 11 in Greensburg, PA
   Sangawa Project 2016 - December 9-11 in Pittsburgh, PA
   Tekko 2017 - April 6-9 in Pittsburgh, PA
   Sangawa Project 2017 - December 8-10 in Pittsburgh, PA
   Tekko 2018 - April 5-8 in Pittsburgh, PA

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