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Daryl Frazetti, PhD

Carson City, NV USA

Daryl is an anthropologist who teaches at Western Nevada College in Carson City, NV. He has spent the last several years teaching courses in Star Trek, Star Wars, Middle Earth, Xenolinguistics, and Firefly. He also has published on Star Trek fandom culture, fan film making, and conventions as participatory myth. Currently, he is writing several papers based upon convention work for Popular Anthropology and working on data collection on fans for his forthcoming text, Anthropology of Star Trek. He has been speaking at conventions, high schools, and colleges since 2007 and teaching specialty courses since 2006, and has done consultation work on science fiction productions and publications since 2010.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Reno Comic-Con 2014 - September 14 in Reno, NV
   SNAFU Con 2014 - October 24-26 in Reno, NV
   Reno Comic-Con 2015 - September 19 in Reno, NV
   SNAFU Con 2015 - October 30 - November 1 in Sparks, NV
   Sands/Reno Comic-Con 2016 - October 1-2 in Reno, NV

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    Daryl Frazetti, PhD

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