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Chris Moujaes

Co-founder / Web Comic Artist
Leander, TX USA

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See also: The Chris Moujaes Company, Inc. and Chris' Online Sketchbook

Chris Moujaes is an accomplished online entertainer and the co-founder of, a popular online destination for over 3 million web comic fans each year. He is the artist behind the popular web comic Coz/Effect and has recently premiered his latest web comic series "Battlegate: Red Symphony." SquirrelWorks has a rapidly expanding licensing business and is one of the first few web comix companies to successfully license to the mobile content industry.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   AnimeFEST 2003 - August 29 - September 1 in Dallas, TX
   AnimeFest 2004 - September 3-6 in Dallas, TX
   Oni-Con 2005 - October 21-23 in Houston, TX
   Oni-Con 2006 - October 20-22 in Houston, TX
   Oni-Con 2007 - October 19-21 in Houston, TX
   YamiCon 2007 - December 28-30 in Houston, TX convention postponed
   Ohayocon 2018 - January 26-28 in Columbus, OH
   A-Kon 2018 - June 7-10 in Fort Worth, TX

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