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13 years ago Briana Lawrence (Brichibi Cosplays) and Jessica Walsh (Snow Tigra) were two fanfiction writing ladies who geeked out over Gundam Wing boys and Resident Evil. Now? They're still geeks and still have their fandoms, but they're also a cosplaying couple who write books, make crafts, and are generally nerdy women. Snow is the costume, hat, and plushie maker of the couple. Meanwhile, Brichibi tends to talk about issues in the cosplay community and how the most important thing about cosplay is to love yourself and have fun. Together, they also have a book series started - "Seeking the Storyteller," and each woman has individual works that range from books to freelance writings for places like Apex Magazine, xoJane,, and more.

When going to conventions they always bring their best so that they can promote their work. You can enjoy their crafts, get lost in their urban fantasy series, or heck, you can come by for a hug and fun conversations about cosplay, anime, or video games. Always promoting positivity and always supporting one another, Brichibi and Snow are smiling their way through the geek scene.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   AnimeIowa 2015 - July 24-26 in Coralville, IA
   No Brand Con 2016 - April 15-17 in Wisconsin Dells, WI
   Anime Detour 2016 - April 22-24 in Bloomington, MN
   Geek.Kon 2016 - August 26-28 in Middleton, WI

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