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Klaymen Eberle

St. Louis, MO USA


Klaymen Eberle is a costumer and cosplayer with 10 years experience in the craft who is located in St. Louis, MO. Klaymen specializes in EVA foam and armor working. He has won awards in costuming including best in show masters at Ikkicon 2012 and Judge's Choice at Dragon Con 2014. Klaymen is a self-taught costumer who loves to teach his craft to others. When it comes to sewing, Klaymen is especially talented in patterning and men's wear. Outside of costuming he is also a talented illustrator and musician.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   AnimeCon Arkansas 2016 - April 8-10 in Little Rock, AR

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    Klaymen Eberle

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