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Los Angeles, CA

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Dan Southworth is best known by sentai fans as the Quantum Ranger Eric Meyers in Power Rangers: Time Force. He performed all his own stunts in the role. He was also the suit actor for Adam the black power ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers World Tour Live on Stage.

Video game fans will immediately know him as the voice and body behind Vergil in Devil May Cry 3. Southworth played the calm antagonist of the smash hit game with such impact Vergil immediately became a fan favorite.

With a black belt and state/national titles to his name Southworth has years of experience under his belt. He is trained in Kenpo, Taekwondo, Judo, and Jeet Kun Do. His expertise has led him to work with Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and Jet Li.

Daniel has a long list of credits in stunts and motion capture. He has participated in Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Resident Evil 5, Halo 3, Ghostbusters video game, Hidalgo, The Tuxedo, and Charmed just to name a few.

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