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Defenders of the King (DOTK)

Defenders of the King (DOTK)

Baltimore, MD

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DotK stemmed as a small Christian metal band project from Baltimore, MD, founded by vocalist Black Raven and guitarist Draccnus Shock together with the help of a couple of refund checks from school, they began recording songs in Draccnus' basement and bedroom. Alterations to the goal of the band were made, whereas not to scare away many potential fans and prospective members, to its new vision of the creation of the genre "gold metal" (a unique blend of black metal sound with a very heavy positive, uplifting, or anti-negative flow and content). Raven felt that the changes made for the band were sufficient in order to find a sense of style as well to where he felt they both would feel comfortable. Black Raven, a fellow member of the Goth community wanted to reach out to all in the Goth community as well as spread the message of injustice done by the government, while Draccnus is geared toward producing heavy and dark music suitable for even rigid Christian standards, and professes power in overcoming tough situations and calling on a higher power for help. The band looks to bring a variety of symphonic, black metal, death metal and hardcore sound to the music scene.

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