Eduardo "PR Balrog" Pérez-Frangie Izquierdo Information

Eduardo "PR Balrog" Pérez-Frangie Izquierdo

Dominion Method Gaming

There are only a few players in the Fighting Gaming Community that can excel in multiple fighting games. There are some traits that a player should have when tackling this feat; discipline, mechanics mastery and patience.

Eduardo "PR Balrog" Pérez-Frangie Izquierdo is this one player.

Even though his main game is Street Fighter and he is considered the best Balrog in the world, Street Fighter is his base for all fighting games. He also is a top player in Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and Mortal Kombat 9. Throughout the Evolution 2011 Season he has placed no less that Top 8 in EACH of these games. He is the prime example of what it means to be part of DMG with his passion and love for competition in becoming the very best.

He ended the Evo2K11 season not only taking second place in 1000+ entrants tournament for MVC3 but he also the first recipient of the DMG MVP award given for the outstanding performance he has shown.

There is no slow down for Eduardo as new fighting games will be emerging soon. He will be competing with the same tenacity and dedication he has shown in the past with Street Fighter X Tekken and Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3.

Pr Balrog is getting just warmed up!

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