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Kiryu (桐龍) is a Japanese artist with a unique sound that moves beyond basic rock, exploring what an artist can do for music, instead of what music can do for an artist. With a distinctive style and keen awareness as a vocalist, Kiryu creates music that sets him apart from other musicians. As a singer/songwriter, his perseverance in the Japanese music industry has led to an eventful and successful career. While still in high school, Kiryu performed at Yokohama Stadium in front of 25,000 people with his first band and was signed to major label Columbia Music Entertainment with his second. Now focusing on his solo career with his self-described "sexy" music, his considerable experience and influences integrates many genres, from pop to rock and from electronic to hip-hop, and the result can be heard in his sound.

In April 2009, Kiryu released his first EP, Hydra, on his label White Wolf and began performing in and around Tokyo. In October, he ventured to the US to make an appearance at Oni-Con in Texas and in November performed at Pacific Media Expo in Los Angeles as part of an event entitled Hydraphonic. As his US debut, Kiryu opened for Japanese glam rockers Uchuu Sentai NOIZ and garnered a lot of attention, including an invitation to appear at 2010?s Japonawa, Tijuana's Japanese cultural festival, as well as great reviews. In May 2011, Kiryu returned to Mexico with his band BIG SEXY to headline Japonawa once again.

Currently working on his first full album, Kiryu is excited to return to the US and his fans and show them what he is really about.

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