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In her senior year of high school, Kimlinh Tran was like any other senior high school student: She had no idea what she was going to do upon graduation. Since writing was her strongest skill, she thought she would be a writer. Along came Senior Project, a year-long course that focused on career exploration, where students can experience their dream jobs to know what it's really like, or learn about alternative careers to pursue, through job shadowing, interviews, and sometimes internships. The career compatibility quiz at the beginning of the course said Kimlinh would've made a good magician or a taxidermist, but she instead decided to explore a field she at the time only heard of through anime conventions and the bonus features of DVD's: Voice acting.

After sitting in on several recording sessions, and even providing additional voices for an anime called Tweeny Witches, Kimlinh knew that voice acting was her real calling. She attended classes and practiced ever since to be called back into the booth again, even while pursuing a degree in screenwriting at CSUN, and graduating with honors.

Over the years, under the name Hnilmik, she voiced in various fan-favorite animations, parodies, and creations, like Team Four Star's Dragonball Z Abridged as Chi-Chi, StrawberryCreme26

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