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WorldCosplay and Tokyo Otaku Mode

In the winter of 2011, Usako casually entered a photo contest at biggest Halloween event in Japan. Even though it was the first time he ever entered such a cosplay contest, he won 2nd prize. Through that, he entered the world of cosplay.

Usako thinks being able to express an unrealistic world is the epitome of cosplay. To achieve a "perfect imitation," he focuses on not only the cosplay and props but his physical condition as well. Even before becoming a cosplayer, he has always enjoyed jogging and exercise for body and health. He loves fantasy works like One Piece, and his favorite character is Ace. While Usako cosplays a wide range of characters, he tries to include some kind of personal accent to each character. The most important point for Usako is that the makeup, costume, and body pose are in total balance. Usako wants to create characters that those who do cosplay and those who don't can both enjoy. Moving forward, Usako wants to capture uniquely manly photos and characters, as well as photos with movement.

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