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Eric Andrako

Film Producer
Phoenix Motion Pictures
Panama City, FL

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After graduating middle school in 2002, Eric began his high school career at Bay HighSchool of Technology. Excited to see what his future would hold, he carefully researched all of the programs that the school had to offer. After careful deliberation, Eric chose TV Productions, Film Making, and Computer Science as his programs of interest. The classes chosen were considered "Tech Classes," which contributed to his college credits.
During Eric's first two years of school, he greatly advanced in TV Productions. In time, he began to work on small "short films" and excelled tremendously! After the first semester, Eric was asked to stay for the year and go full time into the class. As a result of his hard work, by his senior year of high school Eric was brought onto the teaching staff within the school and began teaching TV Productions.
While in middle school, Eric crossed paths with a producer from 60 Minutes, and the two became great friends and have worked on projects together. He was later introduced to a musical group known as Hot Chelle Rae. Over the years, he helped HCR with many of their projects, and in turn, with time, he was introduced to numerous other bands.
In 2006, while working for a marine park, Eric realized that he still loved the film and TV world. Realizing that he missed the industry greatly, he left the marine park and pursued his career in film. He began working for a local TV station, and quickly became one of the top photographers in the company. Eventually, Eric started his own Show in the TV world, called Project Fragment.
In 2009, Eric had the opportunity of a lifetime to become a Producer in the small film Born and Raised. The movie was filmed in his hometown, Panama City, FL. Shortly after the release of the film, Eric received a Sundance Award.
Following his association with the Sundance Film Festival, Eric joined a Team in New York by the name of Blue Core Studios. While working with Blue Core he was able to further his career as a producer. Eric worked as a producer in a small film, Sonic, as well as becoming a producer, photographer, and spectator for the films: Turbo, Zelda, Star Trek, MMPR and I am Here.
Throughout the years, Eric has made much advancement in his career. He has strived to better himself in the industry which he loves so much! From an IT Engineer to a Computer Technician, Eric has worked his way from the bottom of the totem pole to the top, and he has yet to reach his destination!
Currently, Eric resides in his hometown of Panama City, FL. His dream is to be the "next" George Lucas and/or Steven Spielberg. He is working on his own film studio group, Phoenix Motion Pictures, and Ronik Films. He continues to produce films from small "shorts" and other more well-known films.

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