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Eiko Tanaka

President / Producer
STUDIO4°C Co., Ltd.

After working at Studio Ghibli as a line producer for My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service. Eiko Tanaka is now a producer at STUDIO4°C and has worked on films such as MEMORIES (1995), Spriggan (1998), Mind Game (2004), Tekkonkinkireet (2006), Genius Party (2007), the BERSERK trilogy (2012), the Animatrix anthology, Batman: Gotham Knight, Halo Legends, and the TV series ThunderCats. The latest film harmony/ (2015) will be released in theaters in fall 2015 (Japan).

Through her work with STUDIO4°C she has cultivated works of cooperation with overseas creators. Always producing original images in the short films, commercials, music clips, etc. that it creates, STUDIO4°C has won numerous accolades domestically and internationally.

Also, the company's name of 4°C comes from the temperature that water is at its most dense, and is a pledge of high quality work.

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