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137 Cosplay is a graphic designer from Spokane and a current resident of Seattle. She first discovered her love for costumes at Sakura-con 2009 on accident. Though she initially registered for the event to attend its concerts, she stayed after being mesmerized by the great craftsmanship and general friendliness of the cosplaying community. One year later with no prior knowledge of construction, she began her so-called costume-making career after researching different fabrication methods online and applying them to her outfits. Since then, with every new project, she aims to learn new techniques and generate strong reactions from her peers, whether it be excitement, fear, nostalgia, or disgust.
137's work, which usually involves detailed sculpting and giant props, has been featured on sites such as Kotaku and the Replica Prop Forum Page. She also won 2013's Kuroneko-con's fashion show contest and participated as a Judge in Sakura-con 2016's costume/skit contest.

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