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Shiro Dogu

Shiro Dogu

Craftsman / CEO
Dogu, Inc.

Shiro Dogu was born in 1974 and raised in Takaoka City, Toyama, Japan. As a child, the youngest of three siblings, Dogu dreamed of becoming a programmer and majored in Information Technology in college. After graduating from college, Dogu got a job at a company in Kanagawa, Japan as a programmer. Following a family emergency in 1999, he decided to join his family's business of metal casting. In 2007, Dogu took on the role of CEO at Dogu Inc.

Other than being an otaku, Dogu is a normal craftsman who wants to better his country's craftsmanship and make a name for it. As a kid, he grew up reading shojo manga and anime magazines. As an adult, he loves otaku culture deeply, including anime, tokusatsu, plastic models, manga, and games.

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