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Ryuichi Yamamoto grew up, dominating sumo competitions from elementary school and beyond. He won numerous championships in high school and university, and was a top prospect and recruit into Japanese Pro Sumo. In fact, he rose to top-division status in Pro Sumo in the second-fastest speed in history, plowing through opponents on the way to the top.

After a short time in the highest division of Pro Sumo, Yama left, and has since moved to Los Angeles, to support the development of sumo abroad. Back in his school days, he had already won two World Sumo Championships, and like Byamba, he brings both international sumo titles and Pro Sumo experience to the ring.

One popular feature of Yama is that he is the Heaviest Japanese Human Being in Recorded History, at 600 pounds! Even at that sobering poundage, he performs "shiko" (shoulder-high leg lifts) and "matawari" (full leg splits) with ease. He has also appeared on ESPN SportsNation, Fox NFL Sunday, and ESPN Sports Center. He has a cameo appearance in Zoolander 2, too.

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