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December 2, 2011

Anime-SPARK! features Greggo's Game Shows and Aegis Swordsmanship Academy
Anime-SPARK! has announced Greg Wicker will present his legendary game shows and Aegis Academy of Swordsmanship will be giving lessons and demonstrations. The convention will be held this February in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.   [read more] [discuss]

November 29, 2011

MomoCon announces new location and initial guests
MomoCon, scheduled for March in Atlanta, Georgia, has announced guests Catherine Jones, Martin Billany, and Sketch MacQuinor.   [read more] [discuss]

Bishie Con announces Emirain and Warky T. Chocobo as guests for 2011
Bishie Con has announced Emirain and Warky T. Chocobo as guests for the convention on December 17 and 18 in St. Louis, Missouri.   [read more] [discuss]

Anime-zing! announces Cristina Vee and Trevor Mueller
Anime-zing! 2012 has announced Cristina Vee and Trevor Mueller will be guests. The convention will be held in Davenport, Iowa in June.   [read more] [discuss]

AniMinneapolis announces YTCracker as guest
AniMinneapolis has announced that rapper YTCracker will be headlining a nerdcore concert. The convention will take place in Bloomington, Minnesota in late June.   [read more] [discuss]

Tora-Con 2012 announces first guest, pre-registration and art submissions
The RIT Anime Club has announced Tora-Con will be held in April 2012 in Rochester, New York. The first guest announced for the convention is voice actor Jon St. John.   [read more] [discuss]

November 12, 2011

Anime-zing! 2012 will feature Sonny Strait and Robert Axelrod
Anime-zing! in Davenport, Iowa has announced guests Robert Axelrod and Sonny Strait for their June convention.   [read more] [discuss]

November 10, 2011

Anime USA partners with Make-A-Wish Foundation
Anime USA and the Make-A-Wish Foundation will give a seriously ill girl from New Jersey a complimentary trip to Anime USA 2011.   [read more] [discuss]

November 9, 2011

Veteran anime director Junichi Sato appearing at Ushicon 2012
Junichi Sato, known for his work on Sailor Moon and Princess Tutu, will be a guest of honor at Ushicon 2012 in Austin, Texas this February.   [read more] [discuss]

Anime USA guests Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham no longer attending
Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham will be unable to attend Anime USA 2011 due to professional commitments.   [read more] [discuss]

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