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June 2, 2011

News for ShadoCon 2011:

ShadoCon 2011 announces third round of guests

It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure the ShadoCon announces its third round of guests, as well as a volley of new events to astound and amaze.

DJ Robert VanWest, aka DJ Hellroy, ft. Zoe VanWest & Synthwulf. This Dutch Madman is one of the busiest men in the entertainment Industry. CEO of the Hellroy Corporation, Robert's day to day functions include Graphic, Clothing, and Environmental Design as well as Club Creative and Music Production. By night he can be found tearing up DJ booths across the Country and Decimating the stages as lead singer of Empakt. Locally he can be found at Warehaus21 where is the Club Creative and one of the resident DJ's at their all ages KABOOM Sunday parties!
Robert is known for his aggressive HIGH BPM stylings that span across Hardcore, Hard Trance, Hard Style, with a touch of EBM. Much like last year Robert will be joined on stage Friday Night by His Wife Zoe ( the Original studio vocalist of some of Happy Hardcore's biggest hits) and DJ Synthwulf for some live vocals and synths. He will be spinning on Saturday night, so don't miss it!

The Con Artists were formed by seven friends with a similar interest in conventions. Each was involved in convention life to varying degrees, but they all had one thing in common: they believed that if you're going to do something, you've got to do it right. And have fun doing it.
The Con Artists goal is to do everything to the best of their ability and to be as diverse and inventive with costumes, panels and other events as humanly (and at times inhumanly) possible. Since the day of their formation their numbers have grown, including members from all over Florida and the States. Video gamers, anime lovers, artists, performers, costumers, and crazy convention dwellers alike have taken the pledge and donned the mustache. By attending cons and fairs, running panels and events, and thriving on live feedback and suggestions from their audiences and fellows, the Con Artists have set on a path to rock the world of any con they touch down at. So get your monocles and top hats ready and crack open that box of pocky, for the goal of the Con Artists can be summed up in two words:
"Convention excellence."
Congratulations, you've just been conned!
The Con Artists will be hosting two brand new events for ShadoCon - .hack//SIGN the Musical, and .hack//REMEDY. Details about these two events can be found below.

Calling all Evil League of Evil applicants! Come out to see the live cast of the Crazy Random Happenstance perform the inspiring story of Dr. Horrible in the Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Picture Show. The Crazy Random Happenstance has performed at many conventions throughout Florida and they are proud to be performing at ShadoCon!
This show is interactive, much like the Rocky Horror Picture Show: The LIVE shadow cast acts out the musical in front of the screen while everyone in the audience is not only allowed but ENCOURAGED to sing-along and shout random callback lines throughout the show. For those that don't know what to say, the cast will provide FREE suggestions in the form of an audience participation script. Be sure to come dressed as your super-villain persona for a chance to be in the Evil League of Evil!

The Heroes Alliance is a not for profit organization that was formed by a group of superhero costumers who want to give back to the community through the costumes that we make.
The Heroes Alliance originated in Tampa, and expanded throughout the state of Florida as well as a few other states in the U.S. The Heroes Alliance has done all sorts of community events, from helping local law enforcement with community events to visiting sick children in the hospital to help brighten their spirits. Some of the events they have done in the past are Give Kids the World, Base Camp, and visits to St. Jude Children's Hospital. Whatever it may be, the Heroes Alliance is here to help you.

PikaBelleChu is most well known in the anime world for her continuing passion for Pokemon. She has appeared in many magazines, newspapers and TV specials, including but not limited to Animerica, Anime Insider, Pokemon Fan, Nintendo UK, St. Augustine Record, Indiana Courier, and on Cartoon Network. She is also featured in a book published worldwide called Cosplay in America. She has been featured in the Gamers Edition of Guinness Book of World Records in 2009 for having the World's Largest Pokemon Collection in the World, as well as featured in the 2010 Main Book of Guinness Book of World Records. Her collection is over 12,000 items and growing every day, with both American and Japanese collectables. The crown jewel of her collection is the PikaBug, the official Pikachu Volkswagen you see displayed at many conventions and events she attends.
She does numerous Pokemon events and tours, everything from Children's Charity events and car shows to parades and kids parties, and appears at anime conventions and other events worldwide. Also a cosplayer, she has created more than 90 costumes. Most of her costumes are Pokemon and her own special creations, Pokewomon Princesses. The Princess costumes are the result of her creating a royal version of a specific Pokemon. Some of the costumes have taken more than 3 months to create. When not promoting Pokemon and cosplaying at events for children, she also teaches kids cartooning at local craft stores, commissions costumes for others and paints murals in businesses and private homes in the area she lives.

ShadoCon is also announcing new events. Their descriptions follow:

.hack//SIGN the Musical
This is a unique musical adventure, following the story of a Wavemaster named Tsukasa who wakes up within the game, unable to log out. His journey takes him through a roller coaster of events as he meets both friends and enemies on his quest to find a way out. Come see the show for live music, dance, and incredible performance arts that tell this timeless tale of strength and perseverance. "Come with me in the twilight of a summer night for awhile. Tell me of a story never ever told in the past..."

This event is weekend-long and interactive, themed around the first four .hack games for the Playstation 2 - Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, and Quarantine. Convention attendees join the .hackers in the fight to save the players who have fallen into the game and risk getting deleted forever. Six classes are available to choose from, and there are multiple quests and events each day so any participant can get the level of adventure and excitement they so desire.

Ultimate Bishonen
Are you the model every anime guy is based on? Is your sports ability only outshone by your charm and comedic talent? When you stop walking, does a convenient breeze always blow your hair back just so? If you answered yes to any of these questions, even if you are lying, you may be an Ultimate Bishonen! Formed by ShadoCon and KhaoticKon, the Ultimate Bishonen contest tests its participants in categories a bishonen should be good at - physical capability, sports talent, intelligence, and comedic flair. Information about participation will be coming soon, so check both the ShadoCon website and the KhaoticKon website for more details when they are posted.

More guests will be announced soon, so make sure to keep checking the ShadoCon website for details.

As a reminder, pre-register early to save. If you pre-register with a group of 10 or more you get an additional 10% discount on all tickets. Everything dealing with pre-registration can be found at our website!

ABOUT ShadoCon: ShadoCon is Florida's Anime, Video Games, and Comics Convention hosted in Tampa, FL. ShadoCon will be taking place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Tampa East on November 11-13, 2011. This year's theme will be Cyberpunk. It all begins on Veteran's Day.

ShadoCon 2011
Theme: Cyberpunk
Date: November 11-13, 2011
Advance Rates: $30 through Apr 8; $33.50 through Jun 14; $36.50 through Aug 20; $40 through Oct 28