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May 1, 2006

News for Anime Expo 2006:

Her Magesty's Dog creator to attend Anime Expo 2006

Mick Takeuchi To Attend Anime Expo® 2006 as Guest of Honor

Anaheim, California (May 1, 2006) -- Anime Expo® 2006 (AX2006) and Go! Comi proudly announce the attendance of Mick Takeuchi, creator of the highly popular manga series Her Majesty's Dog, to the 15th year anniversary convention at the Anaheim Convention Center July 1-4, 2006. More information is available at

Ms. Takeuchi has been making manga since 1994. Her breakout series was Ayakashi Hime Kurenai, published under Kadokawa's Asuka imprint. Other early works include Miharu Shinjo Jewelry File and A Wise Man Sleeps. In 2000, she began Her Majesty's Dog (Jo-ousama no Inu), her longest and most popular work-which is also GO! Comi's best selling title. Her Majesty's Dog is a supernatural romance about a shy transfer student and her protector, a hot-looking demon who can only survive on her tender kisses. Ain't It Cool News praised its "convincing, quirky relationships and sharp horror," while Animefringe called it "a skillful combination of an above average ghost-hunting story and an entertaining high school drama." Ms. Takeuchi will be celebrating her birthday (July 4th) during Anime Expo®.

Ms. Takeuchi joins, previously announced, CLAMP, Seiji Mizushima, Vic Mignogna and Laura Bailey as Anime Expo® 2006 official Guests of Honor.

Individuals can now register via online ( for Anime Expo® 2006.

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In just a few months since its October 2005 launch, Go! Comi has produced a best-selling manga (Her Majesty's Dog) and gained a fervent following among fans for the excellence of its series and top-notch production values. Go! Comi is the publishing imprint of Go! Media Entertainment, LLC, a new company founded by Emmy Award-winning writer/producer David Wise. The company is dedicated to expanding the market for manga by licensing series, developing new series in collaboration with Japanese creators, and creating innovative manga-related products for the U.S. market. For more information, please visit