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June 19, 2006

News for Anime Expo 2006:

Mana and Ishiguro join Anime Expo as guests of honor

Anaheim, California (June 19, 2006) -- Malice Mizer front man Mana and Famed Animation Director Noboru Ishiguro join Anime Expo® 2006 as a Guests of Honor at the nations largest Anime/Manga convention's 15th year anniversary at the Anaheim Convention Center July 1-4, 2006. More information is available at

Mana, the central figure of the popular j-rock band, Malice Mizer, is renowned for his beauty and stylish attire. He is also deemed as the creator and front man of Japan's Gothic Lolita fashion Movement.

At a very young age, Mana was introduced to classical music by his parents, though it was in highschool where he decided to pursue music. Fast-forward to 1992 and the Japanese goth-rock band, Malice Mizer was born. Mana, one of it's founding members conceived the band name from the term "Malicious Misery". His band became on the most influencial j-rock bands to rise to fame in Japan.

Being in such high demand, He is the producer of band Schwarz Stein and of his own current project, Moi dix Mois. Aside from music, he owns the Gothic Lolita line known as Moi-mÍme-MoitiÈ, which he formed near the end of 2000.

Mr. Ishiguro has worked on some of the most important works of anime history. He was the animation director for the first two SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO movies, he also directed the second anime for ATOM BOY (Tetsuwan Atom). He was also the Chief Director for MACROSS, and the series director for LEGEND OF GALACTIC HEROES.

Mr. Ishiguro continues to contribute to the anime industry through his studio, Artland. He latest work includes MUSHISHI which is based upon the popular manga. This 26 episode series about the supernatural has received the "Outstanding work of TV Animation" award at the Tokyo Animation Fair in 2006.

Yozuco* and Mr. Ishiguro join previously announced, CLAMP, Seiji Mizushima, Vic Mignogna, Laura Bailey, Mick Takeuchi, Yutaka Izubuchi, Tomoki Kyoda, Koge-Donbo and Romi Paku, Hiroshi Nagahama and Atsuko Nakajima as Anime Expo® 2006 official Guests of Honor.

Individuals can now register via online ( for Anime Expo® 2006.

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