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August 26, 2008

News for Anime USA 2008:

Anime USA announces Peelander-Z, Cherami Leigh, and Chris Patton as guests

ARLINGTON, VA - AUGUST 26, 2008 - Anime USA is pleased to announce that entertainment group Peelander-Z has joined the convention’s growing list of musical performers, which also include Freezepop and Versailles. During their stay, Peelander-Z will perform in concert, and will also be available throughout the weekend for autograph sessions, panels, and press interviews.

Peelander-Z, the Japanese Action Comic Punk Band, was originally formed in 1998 by Peelander-Yellow, Peelander-Blue, and Peelander-Red (who claim they are from the Z Area on the Planet Peelander!). When Peelander-Blue was recalled home to become the new king of Planet Peelander, the team welcomed Peelander-Green. Peelander-Z was reborn, more powerful than ever!

This trio dresses up in color-coordinated costumes, almost straight out of Japanese Animation, to provide fun entertainment. Their performances consist of more than just playing music. Have you seen human bowling, wrestling and kung-fu action, or funny dances at punk rock shoes? Peelander-Z knows how to entertain the audience by dragging them into the show. One experience will capture you! Peelander-Z has appeared not only at major music festivals like Bonnaroo, CMJ and SXSW, but also on TV programs including Best Week Ever on VH1, Upright Citizens Brigade on Comedy Central, and MXC: Extreme Challenge on Spike TV. They have played with bands such as Buckethead, Electric Six and Particles.

About Anime USA:
Anime USA is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to celebrating Japanese culture through anime and other visual media and related activities. Established in 1999, Anime USA has been one of the premiere anime conventions in Northern Virginia for the past 9 years. Anime USA 2008 will take place on October 10th-12th, 2008, at the Hyatt Regency at Crystal City in Arlington, VA.

For more information and registration, please visit the official web site for Anime USA at:

ARLINGTON, VA – AUGUST 26, 2008 – Anime USA is pleased to announce that Chris Patton and Cherami Leigh have joined the list of Voice Actors appearing at Anime USA 2008. Both will be available throughout the weekend for panels, autographs, and interviews.

Chris Patton is a Voice Actor for Funimation Entertainment and ADV Films, and has been working as a voice actor for ten years.Some of his credits include Full Metal Panic (Sousuke Sagara), Kanon (Yuuichi Aiazawa), Fullmetal Alchemist (Greed), Welcome to the NHK (Sato), Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad (Manabu), Pretear (Sasame), Guyver (Sho Fukamachi), The Wallflower (Ranmaru), Nerima Daikon Brothers (Ichiro), RahXephon (Ayato Kamina), The Place Promised In Our Early Days (Hiroki), Ghost Stories (Hajime), plus roles in Shin Chan, Case Closed, Negima, Speed Grapher, Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok, Noir, Gasaraki, Elfen Lied, Angelic Layer, and more. This is his third appearance at Anime USA!

Cherami Leigh is an on camera and voice actor. She began acting at 6 and has worked with LeAnn Rimes, Bernadette Peters, Paul Dano, Ethan Hawke, Ashley Johnson, Wilmer Valderamma, Marcia Gay Harden, Thomas Jane, Avril Lavigne and many others. She has worked on “Fast Food Nation,” “The Hottest State,” and “The Mist.” She voices many video games and animated projects; and began her work in the anime world voicing Sae in “Peach Girl”, and has since worked on “One Piece” (Aisa and Pepper), “Shuffle”(Primula), “Sasami” (Makoto), “xxxHolic” (Himawari), “Hell Girl” (Saki Kirino), “Black Blood Brothers” (Chan), “Witchblade” (Naomi), “ShinChan” (Yaz) “Mushishi” (Renzu and Nao), “Ouran High School Host Club” (Kirimi), as well as “Black Cat”, “Suzuka”, “School Rumble”, “Negima”. She is proud to announce that she will be playing “Mai Taniyama” in “Ghost Hunt”. She is also working on other projects for Funimation that will be announced at a later date. She is thrilled to be attending Anime USA this year.

At present, the line-up of voice actors appearing at Anime USA 2008 includes Patrick Seitz, Antimere Robinson, Caitlin Glass, Chris Patton, and Cherami Leigh. For more information on these guests and for registration, please visit the official web site for Anime USA at: