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  • Episode 836
    AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Hot Glue Tricks

    Hot glue is for more than sticking things together. Elizabeth shares some tricks to create details on your costume using hot glue.
    Release Date: Sepember 19, 2016
    Running Time: 9:42
    Hosted by: Elizabeth O'Malley

  • Episode 835
    AnimeCons TV - SacAnime Summer 2016 Report

    SacAnime Summer 2016 took place on Labor Day weekend in Sacramento, CA. Patrick and Shannon headed up to check it out...
    Release Date: Sepember 12, 2016
    Running Time: 25:15
    Hosted by: Patrick Delahanty and Shannon Morse

  • Episode 834
    AnimeCons TV - Pokémon Voice Actors Interview

    We sat down for an exclusive interview with five Pokémon voice actors to talk about conventions.
    Release Date: Sepember 5, 2016
    Running Time: 11:22
    Hosted by: Doug Wilder

  • Episode 833
    AnimeCons TV - August 2016 Feedback

    This month's feedback episode discusses feedback at cons, Kin-Yoobi Con's history, and much more...
    Release Date: August 29, 2016
    Running Time: 12:34
    Hosted by: Robert "Sketch" Scholz and Patrick Delahanty

  • Episode 832
    AnimeCons TV - Otakon 2016 Report

    It's Otakon's final year in Baltimore before moving to DC. Doug and Charles discuss their experiences.
    Release Date: August 22, 2016
    Running Time: 25:55
    Hosted by: Doug Wilder with Charles Dunbar

  • Episode 831
    AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Thibra

    Thibra is a new thermoplastic which can be used by cosplayers to create armor, props, and other solid objects.
    Release Date: August 15, 2016
    Running Time: 13:27
    Hosted by: Elizabeth O'Malley

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