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  • Episode 737
    AnimeCons TV - Fall Kraken Con 2015

    The USS Hornet played home to this fall's Kraken Con. An anime con on a freakin' aircraft carrier! ...and it was amazing!
    Release Date: October 5, 2015
    Running Time: 8:44
    Hosted by: Patrick Delahanty

  • Episode 736
    AnimeCons TV - September 2015 Feedback

    Shiva and Sketch take a turn diving into our virtual mailbag to see what gems our viewers have sent to us this month.
    Release Date: Sepember 28, 2015
    Running Time: 11:33
    Hosted by: Shiva and Robert "Sketch" Scholz

  • Episode 735
    AnimeCons TV - Your First Anime Convention

    Find out what you need to do before your first convention and what to expect when you attend your first con.
    Release Date: Sepember 21, 2015
    Running Time: 18:55
    Hosted by: Patrick Delahanty

  • Episode 734
    AnimeCons TV - Our First Anime Conventions

    The AnimeCons TV cast shares the stories of their first visits to an anime convention.
    Release Date: Sepember 14, 2015
    Running Time: 4:38
    Hosted by: Patrick Delahanty, Elizabeth O'Malley, Doug Wilder, Shiva, Robert "Sketch" Scholz

  • Episode 733
    AnimeCons TV - Artists' Alley: The Result

    Svetlana's back from San Japan to report on the results of her artists' alley efforts. Did it all go according to plan?
    Release Date: August 31, 2015
    Running Time: 7:21
    Hosted by: Svetlana Chmakova

  • Episode 732
    AnimeCons TV - August 2015 Feedback

    Patrick responds to this month's feedback, talks about traffic flow, and shares poll results.
    Release Date: August 24, 2015
    Running Time: 19:53
    Hosted by: Patrick Delahanty

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