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  • Episode 633
    AnimeCons TV - Otakon 2014

    Doug and Charles report back from Otakon 2014 with details on the registration line, panels, and concerts.
    Release Date: August 25, 2014
    Running Time: 16:04
    Hosted by: Doug Wilder and Charles Dunbar

  • Episode 632
    AnimeCons TV - August 2014 Feedback

    Lots of people weighed in on our Red Flags of Bad Conventions episode; plus, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!
    Release Date: August 18, 2014
    Running Time: 25:10
    Hosted by: Patrick Delahanty

  • Episode 631
    AnimeCons TV - Convention Survival Skills

    Recorded at ConnectiCon 2009, Patrick and Elizabeth share some essential convention survival skills.
    Release Date: August 11, 2014
    Running Time: 22:48
    Hosted by: Elizabeth O'Malley and Patrick Delahanty

  • Episode 630
    AnimeCons TV - Red Flags of Bad Conventions

    Learn how to spot the potential red flags of bad conventions before you get trapped at one.
    Release Date: August 4, 2014
    Running Time: 28:04
    Hosted by: Patrick Delahanty

  • Episode 629
    AnimeCons TV - Nerdtacular 2014

    Put your Frogpants on and learn what happened at Nerdtacular in Utah and why it might be the best con ever!
    Release Date: July 28, 2014
    Running Time: 12:56
    Hosted by: Patrick Delahanty

  • Episode 628
    AnimeCons TV - July 2014 Feedback

    Was there a live action Attack on Titan? Does Florida need another con? All this and more in our July feedback episode.
    Release Date: July 21, 2014
    Running Time: 8:00
    Hosted by: Doug Wilder

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