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  • Episode 615
    AnimeCons TV - Finding Conventions Near You

    Patrick Delahanty, the creator of, walks you through the process of finding, tracking, and rating conventions.
    Release Date: April 21, 2014
    Running Time: 14:36
    Hosted by: Patrick Delahanty

  • Episode 614
    AnimeCons TV - Spring Kraken Con 2014

    Kraken Con is back again in Oakland, California. This one-day con saw 50% growth since their last con in October, so they've got to be doing something right. Watch and find out why it's so good!
    Release Date: April 14, 2014
    Running Time: 9:04
    Hosted by: Patrick Delahanty

  • Episode 613
    AnimeCons TV - Anime Boston 2014

    Shiva and Sketch have returned from another year at Anime Boston. How well did the staff handle over 25,000 attendees? Watch and find out!
    Release Date: April 7, 2014
    Running Time: 15:38
    Hosted by: Shiva and Robert "Sketch" Scholz

  • Episode 612
    AnimeCons TV - March 2014 Feedback

    We've got a viewer report from Katsucon. Also, are body pillows a good way to make your start in artists' alley? Find out in our latest feedback episode!
    Release Date: March 30, 2014
    Running Time: 8:42
    Hosted by: Doug Wilder

  • Episode 611
    AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Bias Tape

    All about bias tape! Learn how to use single and double-sided bias tape, different methods to sew it on, and how to make your own bias tape.
    Release Date: March 17, 2014
    Running Time: 25:42
    Hosted by: Elizabeth O'Malley

  • Episode 610
    AnimeCons TV - Gallifrey One 2014

    Gallifrey One is one of the best conventions for Doctor Who fans in the world. Patrick visited it again for its 25th timey-wimey year.
    Release Date: March 10, 2014
    Running Time: 12:05
    Hosted by: Patrick Delahanty

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