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  • Episode 637
    AnimeCons TV - Post-Con Depression

    Do you get down in the dumps after getting home from a convention? You may suffer from PCD: Post-Con Depression.
    Release Date: Sepember 29, 2014
    Running Time: 6:08
    Hosted by: Patrick Delahanty

  • Episode 636
    AnimeCons TV - September 2014 Feedback

    Doug's back this week to respond to your feedback and let you know what we've got coming up in the next few months.
    Release Date: Sepember 22, 2014
    Running Time: 8:17
    Hosted by: Doug Wilder

  • Episode 635
    AnimeCons TV - Tony Oliver Interview

    Voice actor Tony Oliver sits down with Doug at Otakon 2014 to share his thoughts on conventions.
    Release Date: Sepember 15, 2014
    Running Time: 6:56
    Hosted by: Doug Wilder

  • Episode 634
    AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Interfacing

    What is interfacing and how to do use it? Shiva demonstrates how to make a bow using interfacing.
    Release Date: Sepember 8, 2014
    Running Time: 13:22
    Hosted by: Shiva

  • Episode 633
    AnimeCons TV - Otakon 2014

    Doug and Charles report back from Otakon 2014 with details on the registration line, panels, and concerts.
    Release Date: August 25, 2014
    Running Time: 16:04
    Hosted by: Doug Wilder and Charles Dunbar

  • Episode 632
    AnimeCons TV - August 2014 Feedback

    Lots of people weighed in on our Red Flags of Bad Conventions episode; plus, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!
    Release Date: August 18, 2014
    Running Time: 25:10
    Hosted by: Patrick Delahanty

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