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Anime Vegas

November 11-13, 2011
Alexis Park Resort Hotel

Anime Vegas is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to creating awareness of, and appreciation for, Japanese manga and anime (comics and animation), primarily through the presentation of monthly shows and yearly events, such as the Anime Vegas Convention held in Las Vegas, that celebrate art and culture from Japan and Asia.

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Advance Rates:
$40 though Aug 31; $50 through Sep 31

At-Door Rates:
$60 weekend

Mark Allen, Jr. (Voice Actor)
Laura Bailey (Voice Actress) cancelled
Martin Billany (Voice Actor / Anime Parody Creator)
Johnny Yong Bosch (Voice Actor)
Colleen Clinkenbeard (Voice Actress / Director / Line Producer)
Eyeshine (Band)
Crispin Freeman (Voice Actor)
Julie Rei Goldstein (Voice Actress)
K.T. Gray (Voice Actress)
Todd Haberkorn (Voice Actor)
Victoria Harwood (Actress)
Kyle Hebert (Voice Actor)
Yoko Ishida (Singer)
Taliesin Jaffe (Voice Actor / ADR Director)
Jerry Jewell (Voice Actor)
Jonathan Klein (Vice President, New Generation Pictures)
Ralph Lister (Actor)
Midnight Shinigami (Band)
Marianne Miller (Voice Actress)
Steve "Warky" Nunez (Voice Actor / Pianist / Comedian, DragonFleet Studios)
Sam Riegel (Voice Actor / ADR Director)
Chii Sakurabi (Singer)
Patrick Seitz (Voice Actor)
Kaiji Tang (Voice Actor)
Miley Yamamoto (Voice Actress / Host)
Stephanie Yanez (Singer / Songwriter)
Chihiro Yonekura (Singer)
27 guests listed

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Anime Vegas

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