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Science Fiction Convention with Anime, Comic and Fantasy

March 22-24, 2013 Postponed
Hofstra University

For over thirty years, thousands of people have come to know and love the I-CON convention. Few of them know much of the story behind it, how it's created and driven each year, or what it's actual mission is. Almost none of them realize we're actually an educational charity.

I-CON, as most of us know it, is a yearly festival held by ICON Science Fiction, Inc. in cooperation with other groups specifically designed to support education in the arts and sciences. We do this by engaging the public's existing interests in science fiction, fantasy, and similar genres. Every single element of the convention, our online presence, and our educational and scholarship programs is completely supported by volunteers.

Everything that we do is run by fans, for fans, with the intention of exploring what we can learn about art and science through our unique passions in various genres as fans. We're powered entirely by the work of volunteers, from corporate executives to convention organizers. Some of them spend as much time or more on I-CON as they do on their paid jobs. Our staff, sponsors, donors, participants and contributors help make everything you know as I-CON possible. We are a dedicated, stressed, sometimes fanatical, doggedly persistent, overworked, completely unpaid lot. We're also loving every moment of it.

Advance Rates:
$44 until Dec 31

Keith R. A. DeCandido (Author)
Sylvester McCoy (Actor)

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