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March 17-19, 2017
Lansing Convention Center / Radisson Hotel Lansing


...and it IS all about you! Shuto Con is Lansing's Annual Anime Convention, happening at the Lansing Center and Radisson Hotel on March 17th-19th, 2017. Our convention is a three day event held in Lansing, MI that is going on its 7th action packed year! While Shuto Con has lots of great programming and panels to offer our attendees, our major focus is on our wonderful Artists and the art of Interactive Cosplaying!

Starting Friday morning at the Lansing Center and Radisson Hotel Lansing our convention will run from 9AM until 6PM Sunday afternoon. We will have several large rooms for panels, over 50 unique artists as well as several dealers to get your latest anime goodies from, anime viewing rooms, a huge video game room open 24 hours during the entire convention, a table top gaming room, special guests, and much more!

6,387 paid attendees

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Advance Rates:
$38.92 through May 31, 2016
$47.12 through Oct 1, 2016
$50 + fees through Feb 19, 2017

At-Door Rates:
All 3 days: $55
Fri: $30
Sat: $35
Sun: $25

2D6 (Nerdcore Musicians)
Arc Impulse (Band)
Linda Ballantyne (Voice Actress)
Bit Brigade (Band)
The Amazing BrandO (Artist / Musician)
Brentalfloss (Musician)
Christine Marie Cabanos (Voice Actress)
Carrie Keranen (Voice Actress)
Knight of the Round (Band)
Lauren Landa (Voice Actress)
Erica Mendez (Voice Actress)
Cassandra Lee Morris (Voice Actress)
Toby Proctor (Voice Actor)
Professor Shyguy (Musician)
Monica Rial (Voice Actress)
Ian Sinclair (Voice Actor / Director)
Super Guitar Bros. (Band)
Cristina Vee (Voice Actress) cancelled
Duane Zuwala (Musician)

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Shuto Con

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