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Indy PopCon [visit site]

Comic Convention with Anime, Costume, Fantasy, SciFi, TV and Video Games

July 7-9, 2017
Indiana Convention Center

PopCon was founded to celebrate all aspects of pop culture, rather than just hyper focusing on a specific genre. We have a wide variety of interests - just like our fans - so we created a con to celebrate them all in one awesome weekend!

Advance Rates:

Troy Baker (Voice Actor)
Johnny Yong Bosch (Voice Actor)
Charlet Chung (Voice Actress)
Jonny Cruz (Actor)
Sam Ellis (Artist)
Caitlin Glass (Voice Actress / ADR Director)
Greg Grunberg (Actor)
Jess Harnell (Voice Actor)
Haiden Hazard (Cosplayer)
Richard Horvitz (Voice Actor)
Lloyd Kaufman (Director / Producer / Actor)
Phil LaMarr (Actor)
Michelle "Mogchelle" Mussoni (Cosplayer)
ProJared (YouTube Personality)
Nicki Taylor (Singer)
Garrett Wang (Actor)
Timothy Zahn (Author)

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Indy PopCon

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