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October 7, 2017
Lakeland Community College

NyanCon is a one-day, local anime and pop culture convention in Northeast Ohio sponsored by ASAP (Active Society for Animation Preservation) of Lakeland Community College. With live performances, cosplay, vendors and artists, all fandoms are welcome at the best Caturday ever!

At-Door Rates:

2D6 (Nerdcore Musicians)
Abracadabra Productions (Dance Troupe)
Ghost in Blue (Band)

Photos and Reports:
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Previous/Future Events:
MiniCon 2013  March 29, 2013
NyanCon 2013  October 5, 2013
NyanCon 2014  October 4, 2014
NyanCon 2015  October 3, 2015
NyanCon 2016  October 8, 2016
NyanCon 2017  October 7, 2017

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