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June 2, 2018
Japanese American Cultural & Community Center

Our mission at Ronin-Expo is to bring together a network of those who appreciate Asian culture, from various topics ranging from anime, cosplay, video games, and fashion. Sharing our devotion for Asian culture while providing a fun and unique experience is our goal at Ronin-Expo.

Advance Rates:
$11.19 through Dec 31, 2017
$16.29 through Mar 31, 2018
$20 + fees through Jun 8, 2018

At-Door Rates:

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Mary Claypool (Writer)
Les E. Claypool III (Owner / Audio Engineer, Magnitude B Post)
Kevin Connolly (Voice Actor)
Midnight Shinigami (Band)
Stephanie Nadolny (Voice Actress)
Lisa Pinelli (Cosplayer)
Annjela Saet (Cosplayer)
Sarah Anne Williams (Voice Actress)


Previous/Future Events:
Ronin-Expo 2017  June 10, 2017
Ronin-Expo 2018  June 2, 2018

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